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Building the Home of Your Dreams!

Every current and prospective Bethesda, MD homeowner has the picture-perfect home tucked away in their mind, that includes every feature, amenity, and layout they have fancied of.  Yes, that home, in Bethesda, is possible with the expert professional custom home builders, Wexford Homes. (301)580-3181

You Dreamt It – We Plan It and Build It!

Many happy customers have hired Wexford Homes, in Bethesda, to custom build their dream home.  You dreamt it, and we will plan it and build it!  Wexford Homes is recognized for building “eco-friendly” custom homes of all sizes and all budgets.

Let our experts know what your dream looks like, your requirements, and other unique details, from a cottage to a luxury estate in Bethesda.  Affordability, quality, and customer satisfaction is job one.

Why Build a New Custom Home in Bethesda?

If you’re contemplating building a new custom home, there are some rationales.  Each property type has its own selling points, and you’ll have your personal needs and preferences to take into consideration, but here’s why you should consider building a new home in Bethesda.

It’s important to remember, new Bethesda custom homes offer the latest designs, style, comfort, and quality while providing a care-free lifestyle.  You will be able to enjoy your home, not work on it.

What It Takes to Build a Bethesda Custom Home

Congratulations, you made it this far and still considering taking the first step to making your new custom home a reality.  Wexford Homes is dedicated to building the highest quality custom homes that fit your budget.

Did you know? 71% of Americans are dissatisfied with some aspect of the design or floorplan.  Surprisingly, a majority of homeowners would dramatically alter their homes if the cost was not an issue.

For most, designing and building a custom home is an opportunity to create the home they have always dreamt of. With a custom-designed home, you will have the ideal floorplan, custom trim, custom cabinets, the latest energy-saving features, and more and remain within budget.

Steps to Building Your New Bethesda Custom Home.

We have cobbled together a list of steps involved in a custom home build for you to be mindful of.

As Bethesda’s leading custom home builder, we have made many happy customer’s dream home become a reality. We would love to help your dream come true! For a free custom design meeting, contact us today.

Let’s get started on your new, custom dream home now! (301)580-3181