Custom Home Builder – Building the Home of Your Dreams!

Everyone has the perfect home stored away in their mind.  Perfectly envisioning a house that has every little detail you can dream of.  That home is possible with the expert professional custom home builders, Wexford Homes.  (301)580-3181

Your Home Custom Built for You

Distinctively and individually designing your new home to fulfill your dreams specifically.  We are not cookie cutter.  Every one of Wexford Homes custom home builds is unique and there will be no choosing from five or six plans.

It’s your dream home, and Wexford Homes can make it happen!

Why Wexford Homes?

Bottom-line, Wexford Homes builds magnificent award-winning homes.  More importantly, it’s our trustworthy, dependable, and caring building process. Actual Design/Build custom home builders are hard to find and Wexford Homes is dedicated to being one of them.  Our distinctive and seamless process sets us apart from the other builders in the industry.  Every step of the process, you will understand why.  From conception to closing, we are there for you.  Experience the Wexford Homes difference!

Reasons to Build a Custom Home

  • Everyone has a different reason to build a custom home. What is yours?
  • You have land and look to build a one-of-a-kind piece
  • You have a lot, that has a slope, requiring a daylight basement or garage under layout
  • You have a narrow piece of land that only a custom design will work
  • Your view is extraordinary and beautiful, and your home design needs to be centered around it
  • A unique multi-generational family with unique needs
  • You have built before and have very specific design ideas
  • A home that grows with your family
  • A home that fits perfectly with your lifestyle
  • Your tech-savvy and want technology built-in

One of these may be your reason or not, but either way, you are looking to build a new custom home, and you are looking for the right company to make it happen.  Let us tell you about our approach.

The Wexford Homes Custom Home Building Approach

When Wexford Homes begins a new home, our approach is to understand what you’re looking for, needs, and desires.  Once we understand, we view the house as a complete system and its lifetime performance.  We start by working with you to draw up the plans making sure everything is included, including green building practices.

Wexford Homes is focused on a well-organized process.  We believe that thoughtful consideration of the entire structure is vital, and the only way to make sure your home is responsible within its relationship to the natural environment.

We have built our reputation on:

  • Maximizing Efficiency
  • Avoiding Surprises
  • A Comprehensive Budget from the Beginning and Controlled Throughout the Process
  • A Strictly Organized Construction Cycle from Start to Finish Providing a Scheduling Certainty
  • Highest Quality and Workmanship

Our commitment is to you, the homeowner.  We are dedicated to the custom-building process from design to closing and after.  We see our role as more than a builder.  We look to provide every customer with reliable information to assist in making clear, informed decisions and building the home of your dreams.

Environmentally Safe and Responsible Custom Home Construction

Yes, building the home of your dreams is the most important part.  However, we feel it is our responsibility  throughout the building process to take you, the community, and the environment seriously.  Wexford Homes is committed to environmentally friendly and safe products, the efficient use of resources, and an unswerving dedication to growth through advanced technology.

We will meet every one of your needs and desires.  Wexford Homes is the best choice for your new custom home build.  Contact us today and experience the Wexford Homes difference!  (301)580-3181