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A lot of homes, in Silver Spring MD, are cookie-cutter.  Houses designed from a set number of floor plans with little opportunity to make them your own except for the mortgage.  What if you could go one step further and build a home that is yours?  By yours, we mean a house designed with your wants, needs, and desires all included.

Are you intrigued? Curious? If your ready now, give Wexford Homes a call.  If you’re not sure and need to learn more, then we can provide the information you desire.  Also, the experts at Wexford Homes can answer any questions you may have.  Wexford Homes can build a home distinctively and specifically designed for you, your family, and your Silver Spring lifestyle.

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A Silver Spring Home Builder Focused on the Homeowner

Do you have a specific design for your Silver Spring home?

Wexford Homes understands building a home the single biggest investment of many families, in Silver Spring. Therefore, building the house to last is the key.  The Wexford Homes construction team works closely with clients and our design professionals throughout the design process.  Our goal is to provide the knowledgeable and skilled direction needed to ensure the structure and subsequent construction procedures are precise and completed successfully.  Our clients, in Silver Spring, ranging from busy professionals to growing families and empty-nesters, who find peace and comfort in a reliable, quality-built home.  A home constructed for value.

Custom Built vs. Pre-Built Homes, in Silver Spring, MD

Surprisingly, even in Silver Spring, building a new home is an investment involving more than money.  It involves emotions and feelings, and sometimes more than one person.  When a person or a family is planning on owning a home, there is one extremely mystifying question – should we purchase a pre-built home or build a custom home?

You’re not the only one the first person to be faced with this dilemma.

If you’re looking primary objective is convenience and cost, then a pre-existing house may make sense.  Whereas, a new custom-built house will provide you the opportunity for the exact appearance and feel that you are looking for.  Do not be fooled.  Building the home of your dreams is not easy.  The stress and anxiety can be lifted by hiring the right home builder, Wexford Homes; then, the process becomes fun.

Pre-built home designs are used many times, almost cookie-cutter.  Don’t be surprised; you will probably see the same house in your Silver Spring neighborhood.  Why? Because every builder of pre-built homes has a set number of designs.

Custom Home Builds, in Silver Spring, offers several opportunities:

  • Planning Flexibility
  • A High Level of Personalization – Your Design to Compliment Your Style
  • Consideration of All Wants, Needs, Desires, and Preferences
  • Energy-Efficient Preferences
  • Attention to Minute Details

If your budget is the concern, then maybe a pre-built house would be a better and safer option.  However, Wexford Homes can work within most Silver Spring budgets.  If you like being different and unique, then a custom-built house is a good choice.   Remember, a custom home will give you the opportunity and freedom to decide everything, from windows and bathroom fittings to kitchen appliances and wall color.  Your personality and Silver Spring lifestyle can shine through.

Commitment to Home Building Excellence for Silver Spring Homeowners

Wexford Homes is committed to building the very best homes in Silver Spring\s.  We are focused on meeting every one of your needs and desires, making sure they are included in your new home.  These are the things that make a house a home.  Wexford Homes is the home builder of choice for many Silver Spring homeowners due to our customer-centric services and superior quality.

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