New Home Builder – Building Bethesda Homes of the Future!

Looking for a new home in Bethesda, MD?  Have you considered a new custom home?  A home built especially for you, your family, and your lifestyle within Bethesda.  A home constructed by a company that takes every aspect of your life, every wish, every need, and molds it into a home you can’t live without.  You have a home in mind so let Wexford Homes build it!  We are the premier new home builder in Bethesda.

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New Home Design and Flexibility – Bethesda, MD

Wexford Homes’ flexibility is the trademark of our new Bethesda custom home builds.  Discover the Wexford  experience. Flexibility is vital, especially in design, to providing the elements matching the personality of the homeowner to the structure and breathe life into the home.  Our Bethesda team works with you to layout the design, review every aspect, and add everything you need, want, and desire.  We will not compromise quality for convenience. We want you to love your home and the experience.

Wexford Homes understands what it takes, in Bethesda, to make your vision a reality.  A home that not only fits your tastes and desires but fits and accommodates your budget while being completed on time.  With our years of experience, we have mastered the process of taking every home from design, material selection, and plan review through construction, while avoiding common issues that are known to ruin budgets.  Our dedication to trust and integrity sets us apart.  Even as the market has grown and demand has increased considerably, we have chosen to remain the new custom home builder people can trust and depend on to deliver the highest in quality.

Focus of Bethesda New Home Builders

Every Wexford Homes new home build, in Bethesda, takes into consideration three areas: art, craft, and technology.

Art – The function and flow of your life must be strategically unified with intelligent aesthetics.  This is the artistic design of the home.  Careful attention to design features and distinguishing architectural aesthetics while understanding every clients’ and family’s needs is key.

Craft – Every member of the Wexford team is experienced in traditional practices of new home building.  Our experience and knowledge are essential for the level of craftsmanship and quality required in every Wexford Home.  Every home built by Wexford Homes has sustainability and integrity at its core, focused on the creation of homes honoring the standards of luxurious environments and apply the advances of building science.

Technology – Modern homes should have all current technology included that customers desire.  We want your new home to be ready for any advancement to come.

Environmentally Responsible and Sensible New Home Construction, in Bethesda

An environmentally responsible and sensible home is significant, along with building the exact Bethesda home of your dreams.  We are attentive to environmental responsibility throughout the building process.  Wexford Homes is committed to environmentally friendly and safe products, the efficient use of resources, and an unwavering dedication to growth through advanced technology.

We will meet every one of your needs and desires.  In Bethesda, Wexford Homes is the best choice for your new custom home build.  Contact us today and experience the Wexford Homes difference! (301)580-3181

What does your new home in Bethesda look like to you?